Al DiGiulio

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The Latest

Well, the new site is here! I learned some HTML and CSS, and decided to design the site myself. That means that I can punish you with updates and new content at any time, day or night, so be prepared!

The parody trailer of "The Slap", entitled "The Fart", is now available on the Videos page. Critics have called it "rip, roaringly funny" and "a real gas." Other videos coming soon will be the adventures of "Doug" including "Doug Crosses the Street" and "Doug Goes for a Drive." Please stay tuned!

On the About page, I've shared some anecdotes from my experiences as an actor (so far!). On the Photos page, there are some new shots by awesome photographers extraordinaire Deborah Lopez and Martin Fitzpatrick.

If you're a glutton for punishment (my dad used to like to call me that every time I ignored his advice), then check out the You Kidding Me? page.