Al DiGiulio

So Al, Tell Us About Your Acting.

1980s Family Portrait

Well, I grew up in a large Italian-American family where storytelling at family gatherings was the best entertainment. I learned how stories and humor entertained people and brought them together, helped people get through tough times, and served to impart life lessons. I've been acting for some time now, and I've learned some lessons along the way.

Al as Superman with Lois Lane

First Lead Role

Wow. I get to play Superman and fly across the stage?! This is going to be great - and for the most part it was - but there were a few things I learned. First, there will always be someone who will say you aren't deserving of the role. In this instance, my mom overheard the mother of another kid (who didn't get the role) say that the only reason I got the lead was because I fit into the costume. (Don't worry, my mom confronted the other mother in the theater in what would be akin to an episode of the Real Housewives today). So, I learned that the true value of my work is the enjoyment and entertainment it provides to others, and although not everyone may like it, it is best to focus on those who do. I also learned that 12 year old girls tend to be a lot taller than 12 year old boys, so Lois Lane had to do some serious crouching to make me look taller in that photo. And, finally, if the wardrobe guy seems a little too excited to help you put on your flying harness for each performance, just wear your swimsuit instead of underwear and tell him that you like to swim a lot!

Blank Screen

First Commercial

Wait a minute. What's going on here? That's a blank screen. Where is my part? Well, the lesson here is that you might be jamming that chocolate down your throat like a kid cut loose at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, but that is no guarantee you're going to make it into that final cut of the Hershey's commercial that you filmed all day. However, those things happen, and when they do, maybe reconsider the superior quality and superlative taste of Nestle and Mars chocolate.

Mattress Print Ad

Print Work

The lesson here? Sometimes you can get paid to lie in bed all day and eat popcorn!

Public Service Announcements

Dressing up as a pack of cigarettes may be fun on set, and borrowing the costume to go to your neighborhood's annual Halloween party may be a hit with the kids, but not so much with some of their parents.